Chris The Builder


Chris started his career as a carpenter's apprentice at 18 years of age. As Chris excelled in his studies and onsite, he completed his course 1 year ahead of time, certified through Tafe in just 3 years. 


At 21, Chris started his own carpentry business. This was during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and unfortunately Chris had to close his business and seek work with other employers. Chris worked for up to six different employers in the space of 12 months due to the volatile environment created by the Global Financial Crisis. 

Chris then became a qualified dogman and rigger, working and constructing some of the tallest high-rise buildings in Sydney.

Chris went on to work at Sydney Domestic Airport as a maintenance carpenter before progressing to building supervisor.


He studied an extra 2 years to become a qualified builder.

As a building supervisor, Chris built 57 residential houses for one of the largest construction companies in Australia, with some of the highest quality and efficient builds the company had seen.

During this time Chris also invested into a property, in the inner west of Sydney. He turned a 1907 Sydney terrace into a modern-day masterpiece. Whilst Chris was working full time, 50 hours a week as a building supervisor, he was also investing up to 50 hours a week on his personal renovation. 

With this no excuse, make it happen attitude, Chris achieved up to $300K on the quickly renovated property. 

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